Sunday 27 March 2011

Child's play reboot: please don't!

One for the "What have we done to deserve this" category. One of the very last 80's/90's horror franchises that has not been remade yet, Child's play IS being remade, or rebooted. We are still missing Critters. And the Ghoulies. And Puppermaster (will we sink so low! Not the Puppetmaster and it's dozen sequels!) Yes Universal has now announced that it is working on a reboot of the possessed killer doll movies.

Here's Chucky!

And there is probably a good reason for it as it was wholly unremarkable, bar the excellent voice work of the demented Brad Dourif, and some rather impressive animatronic. But it did belong to that wave of wholly unremarkable late 80's/early 90's horrors when the genre was about to lay dormant for a good five years before the Scream revival.

Child's play 2: Go and play with Daddy now!

Worse, the serie of increasingly poor sequels that followed completely tarnished any slight reputation it might have. Child's play 2 and 3 were just boring, run of the mill sequels. But things took a turn for the worse, far worse, with Child's play 4, aka Bride of Chucky which attempted to inject some incredibly misguided and unfunny "humour" to the proceedings.

Right Jennifer, hand that Oscar's back, NOW!

It is not often that you see an actress die on screen for real, but this is pretty much what happened to once promising, Oscar nominated Jennifer Tilly, whose career was maimed, stabbed, electrocuted then buried in our very eyes, thanks to an absolutely terrible turn in that film that ensured she never troubled the multiplexes after that.

Not much is known as yet about the rebook, but since it will not have Brad Dourif in it, and the puppet will probably be all CGI, we shall give that one a miss!

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