Thursday 10 March 2011

Threat to the space-time continuum alert: Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand teaming up for "comedy"

While we can reasonably expect that the law of physics will hold a bit longer, some events threaten their very fundations: the pairing of Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand for example, for a film called My mother's curse, where they will play an inventor and his mom going on a road trip. This is comedy pairing heaven... in the magnitude of J-Lo and Jane Fonda in Monster in law!

I remember an old Simpsons episode where the Itchy and Scratchy serie were turned into a feature length movie that broke all box office record and went on the win 14 Oscars. On its last week at the local cinema at Springfield, Kent Brockman was reporting on the new film taking its place: Honk if you're horny with Faye Dunway and Pauly Shore. And then Kent, deadpan, uttered the line" "Will it be as successful? Time will tell!" 

Well I'd actually rather see Honk if you're horny if it existed than this. Seth Rodgen, who started off as a likeable boy next door type in The 40 year old virgin and Knocked up,is on its way to becoming the Brendan Fraser on the 2010's, with added smugness, after his terrible and egocentric turn in the otherwise enjoyable Green hornet, with the audience sympathy about to dwindle fast if he carries on with poor choices.

As for Barbra, is it really gets to show that sometimes you must stop or ruin every memories of your earlier stellar career. How sad is it that for a generation, she will be remembered as the frankly scary sex therapist from Meet the Fokers?

Forget the switch of the Large Hadron Collider, the release of My mother's curse might be the even that heralds the collapse of the world as we know it, set for March 2012.

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