Monday 6 August 2012

Catherine Deneuve In A Bath: A Trilogy

Are you a fan of sultry and iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve? Would you like to see her in a bath? Would you like to see her in a bath with another woman?? It's your lucky day. As I was watching Pola X by Leos Carax, seeing Miss Deneuve in a bath reminded me of all her other great scenes in a bath, including two of them featuring another woman. So in no particular order, I present to you, the Catherine Deneuve in a bath trilogy.

1) Pola X (1999)

Catherine Deneuve as Laura Palmer

A very odd film by punk French director Leos Carax, of which I am a big fan. In it, a young writer (Guillaume Depardieu) meets a mysterious dark haired woman. I am half way through watching it and I am not quite sure what it is about or what to make of it. A few minutes ago, Catherine Deneuve was riding a motorbike in the woods at night, looking like an older Laura Palmer with her make up and tears dripping through her delightful face. But the bath, the bath I hear you scream!

Early on, in the posh castle she lives in, we see Catherine Deneuve in a bath, with her still rather lovely breasts. She looks utterly puzzled, as if she was still trying to work out what the script is about. Fans of French acting icons body parts, be aware that you also get a lingering shot of Guillaume Depardieu's hairy crack, if it's your thing.

2) The Hunger (1984)

Here, in a part that strangely mirrors her own life. Catherine Deneuve plays an immortal Egyptian vampire who keeps her lovers young as long as she is in love with them. She spends most of the film looking mysterious and smoking pensively in soft-focus. And the bath scene? You will not be disappointed! Having seduced new lover/victim Susan Sarandon, the pair indulges in one of the most renowned lesbian scene, kissing and making out in a bath, in a scene filmed with all the flair of an upmarket 80's shower gel advert. Not to be missed!

3) Les Voleurs (1996)

I saw this film in Cannes back when it was presented there, and I barely remember anything about it, so not one of André Téchiné's finest then. However I do remember Catherine Deneuve does have a long bath scene in it, with another woman (I did not lie to you). I remember the pair being lovers, and following an argument, while still in the bath, Laurence Cote breaks a wine glass and attempts to chew its shards. I mean, honestly, who does that, about from crazy French actresses? Before that, you do have plenty of time to admire the lingering shots of Catherine Deneuve's washing her partner's back in the bath.

Further research indicate that there are even more films with Catherine Deneuve in a bath, as indicated by the picture below. I shall carry on my investigation.

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