Monday 6 August 2012

Synchronised Swimming Duet Performs To Goblin

As I mentioned a few days ago in a previous post, I have decided to make this blog even more personal. So that means only focusing on film news when it truly matters, and quite happily discussing older films or just anything that I come across and which I feel you might find interesting, as long as it is unusual, surreal, experimental, or just plain bonkers. Therefore I shall not be discussing how Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby adaptation has been pushed back from Christmas 2012 to the summer of 2013. Because you will have read this in hundreds of other film sites already, and quite frankly, the trailer is hideous. Instead, I present to you the video of a Russian synchronised swimming duet performing to Goblin's soundtrack to Suspiria. Which is a hell of a lot more exciting!

Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band responsible for some of the most eerily evocative and beautiful soundtracks in Dario Argento's films, including Suspiria. Dario Argento is an Italian director who started off with a serie of well received giallos, before moving on to some more personal and supernatural horror films, such as Inferno and the aforementioned Suspiria. Both films are true horror classics, and renowned for their ultra-stylised approached, be it the violent lighting or death scenes.

So what an ingenious idea from this Russian synchronised swimming team, composed of Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romanisha, to have used this soundtrack for one of their numbers. Of course, they could have pushed things a little further, and remaining faithful to the spirit of the film, have some violent red neon lights placed in the pool and finish their choreography with pair of hands coming out of the water slitting their throats as broken mirrors fall over the audience. I enclose both the swimming number and the trailer for the film, which is ace except for the cheesy American audience which made me want to ask "What is the title of the film again? Come again?"

Credit where it is due, I did find this video thanks to somebody on Twitter, unfortunately I cannot find the tweet any longer so they shall remain anonymous!

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