Sunday 22 May 2011

Cannes 2011: The results

The winners

I shall be commenting the results as they are announced live from 1815 GMT,  join me! I will be updating this page for every prize with a comment.

1815: Melanie Laurent is opening the ceremony, ravishing as ever, if a little nervous? Can you imagine being in front of the who's who of cinema, with all eyes on you? She kept it brief and amusing.

1818: Palme d'or of best short film: Cross Country by Maryna Vroda, a charming and visibly moved young Ukranian director. Next, Camera d'or, for best first film

1820: Camera d'or: Las Acacias Pablo Giorelli. Oh dear, this was presented at La semaine de la critique, reserved for first and second movies, and I have to say seems to have gone under the radar for most media! The audience is approving though. Almodovar's muse, Marisa Paredes handed him the prize and is translating. The joy of seeing Joon-Ho Bong and Marisa Paredes on the same stage! Only in Cannes!

1825: Robert De Niro, president of the jury, introduces its members, in French! Pure class. He calls his companions his "champignons!" Hilarity ensues. His bumbling French is so sweet, the audience is in love.

1830: Prix du Jury Polisse by Maiwenn. That is an incredible achievement for a such a young actress/director who had been too quickly dismissed as Luc Besson's bimbo when she was his companion and sometimes actress. She is so shaken she can barely talk! She made a brave move by turning to direction and this is a consecration for her third film already. Her film was not a favourite but the buzz was good

1835: Best script Joseph Cedar for Footnote. Oh dear he did not make it to Cannes on time but is on his way! Must have been a very last minute decision taken by the jury! An intellectual comedy I am told.

1840: Best actress Kirsten Dunst for Melancholia! Is she going to mention the controversy? She does! After the boos received by Marie-Antoinette in 2006, this is a better experience for her! Following Bjork and Charlotte Gainsbourg, all Cannes winners thanks to Von Trier, now every actress has got their agent on the phone calling him.

1845: Best director Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive, an excellent surprise. I am a big fan of his and loved Valhalla rising, cannot wait to see that. The jury has taken some bold choices so far, following their heart and pleasure of cinema

1846: Best actor Jean Dujardin for The artist! This is incredible, who could have predicted this a couple of weeks ago! With the Weinstein having bought the rights for the US market, you can assure a big Oscars push. Standing ovation, he is overwhelmed, he does a little dance... This is turning out great so far.

1848: Grand Jury prize: Two of them in fact, Once upon a time in Anatolia, and Le gamin au velo. The Dardenne brothers cannot ALWAYS win! So who is going to take the top prize then? I just cannot say at this stage!

1852: Palme d'or given by Jane Fonda, who is stunning and speaks in a perfect French.

1855: So Palme d'or Tree of life! Oh my god, what a surprise! This is a huge surprise, rumour had it the jury did not care much for it. I'm exctactic. Unlike what many are saying right now, this was not an obvious choice, the expectations had been so high, many felt disappointed, and felt the need to loudly dismiss it. That the jury had the courage to follow their heart and their heart only is a tribute to their integrity. They have not forgotten that cinema is before anything else about passion. What a fantastic year this has been, if only next year could be half as good when I finally return! Terrence Malick has sent somebody to do his speech, as shy as he is, but the recluse director must be in heaven right now!

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