Tuesday 8 February 2011

Transmorphers: Meryl Street/Margaret Thatcher

This first picture of Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in 'The Iron Lady" has emerged in the media today. If you remember that old Michael jackson video that was the first to use CGI to show various faces morphing into one another, it looks a bit like a freeze frame of the actress half way through her morphing through the Iron Lady (while caught in headlight)

I am certainly no fan of biopics. I have always found it so much more gratifying when an actor creates a character out of nothing, as opposed to merely mimicking an existing person (which, to me, is to acting what karaoke is to singing). I absolutely adore Meryl Streep and she is truly deserving of her 3rd Oscar after all these years. The film, directed by Phillida "Mamma Mia" Lloyd, will probably be a disaster. However, if it's what it takes for Meryl to win her 3rd oscar then so be it, as she probably took on the part having rightfully concluded that these days, oscars only go to those actors who:

A) Impersonate an existing (dead or living) person
B) Overact
C) Are British

Or, in the case of Christian Bale in The Fighter, all of the above

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