Wednesday 23 February 2011

Louis Leterrier hits the G spot: new disaster flick G

Louis Leterrier, director of such gems as The Hulk reboot and Clash of the titans, has just announced his new project, which will be called G, a disaster movie in the vein of 2012. I love the way he makes it sound as if 2012 reached such dizzying heights of awesomeness that somebody can actually make it his ambition to try to reach them.

The premise is certainly intriguing. (Despite what the title G might lead you to believe, it does not concern the mass panic in the London gay scene as a result of a shortage of a notorious recreational drug). For reasons unknown, the planet stops spinning and the gravity slowly disappears. But then I am not quite sure where the story can go from there? So half of the planet gets stuck in the dark while the other half enjoys permanent daytime? And then what, with no gravity, within 30 minutes, everybody is just floating around in the air?

The cardboard column had more depth than Sam Worthington's acting

Considering that he is the man that managed to make his disastrously 2D to 3D post converted Clash of the titans appears 1D, with his characters floating around like cardboard cutouts, he is perfectly suited for a story about zero gravity!

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