Monday 14 February 2011

She'll bang ya... then she'll hang ya! Black Key's grindhouse video

This is not strictly movies news but Black Key's new video for Howling for you is such a loving tribute to the recent Grindhouse/exploitation revival (a tribute within a tribute as it were) that I had to share this. This looks like it could have been shot by Robert Rodriguez in Austin! The poster (a dead ringer for Planet Terror), the ultra violence, the saturated colours and OTT voiceover with the killer lines (she'll bang ya... then she'll hang ya!)...


I am loving all the references to Kill Bill and Planet Terror and the lead actress actually looks like a cross between the avenging angel Beatrix Kidjo/Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and wide eyes beauty with washed out make up Dakota Block/Marley Shelton in Planet Terror.

Enjoy... Makes you wish it ends up getting the Machette treatment and goes from fake trailer to feature length movie!

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