Friday 18 February 2011

Cosmopolis: Juliette Binoche, Matthieu Amalric AND Robert Pattinson... in the same film!

Intriguing news. The long gestating adaption of the Don DeLillo's novel, Cosmopolis, by David Cronenberg has just seen Juliette Binoche and Matthieu Amalric joining a cast that already includes Robert "Twilight" Pattinson. The film was originally supposed to star Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard (who dropped out to have a baby, or join The Dark Knight rises, or both)

The story follows 24 hours in a day of a multi-millionaire spent entirely in a limo, driving across a slightly futuristic Manhattan and losing all of his money in the process.

Juliette Binoche gazing mysteriously

Juliette Binoche and Matthieu Amalric are both excellent actors but the American cinema just does not know how to use them. Juliette Binoche is usually cast as a headstrong and mysterious woman of unidentified European origin, called various spellings of Hannah. Having not read the book I cannot say which part she will play although I take it she is not replacing Marion Cotillard as Robert Pattinson's wife, unless they are going for the cougar angle.

Matthiew Amalric and his intense, lazy eye

As for Matthieu Amalric, he seems to be asked to solely act through his intense, lazy eye in American films. I would hate to think it has something to do with American directors seeing him act solely through his intense, lazy eye as a paraplegic in his breakthrough role in the international scene in The diving bell and the butterfly. I expect him to play a shady character of some description.

David Cronenberg, looking rather intense and mysterious

I feel that David Cronenberg has never quite matched his earlier seminal masterpieces, Scanners and Videodrome. By trying to gain more respectability, he lost what defined his own imitable style. But the story is unusual enough to provide him plenty of scope to regain some of his past glory. Cosmopolis will be released in 2012.

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