Sunday 10 April 2011

The woman in black: First teaser

Only yesterday I was commenting on the box office woes of the Hammer studios at the box office, and the hopes pinned on their new offering, The woman in black, with Daniel Radcliffe (click here to read it)

Well today the first teaser has been released, and shown at Kapow Comic Con in London. The good news is that it looks really atmospheric, for the little you can see it reminded me of The others. I do not expect it to be brilliantly original, but as long as it is competently done, and with a spooky atmosphere then I'm happy. The bad news is the confusion on the release date. According to IMDB it's out in the UK on 28th of October, according to Kapow it's middle of February next year!

It would probably a less crowded spot so it might be a smart move. And I can predict a gala screening at the London Film Festival to drum up some hype.

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