Thursday 7 April 2011

Expensive divorce warning: It could happen to you! John Cleese

Don't do it, John! Will you ever learn?

You would have thought that after a career spanning decades, as one of the most beloved British actors, John Cleese would be fairly settled financially, assuming he never had a gambling/class A/escorts habit. And yet, as Britain woke up to Dark Wednesday this week, heralding a new era of budget cuts and penny pinching, spare a thought for the Monty Python alumni.

For he has made it very public that, during his third and acrimonious divorce, his wife took him to the cleaners, and he has to carry on working at the grand age of 70. And with the odd voiceover in the Shrek franchise getting rare, we end up with the undignified sight of this comedy icon doing the cringe inducing AA adverts.

Fast forward to 2041, shall we expect Brad Pitt advertising for British Gas? George Clooney and John Malkovich for Nescafe? (what's that? Oh! Right...)

What else?

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