Monday 25 April 2011

Sofia Coppola/Kirsten Dunst: victims of a Twitter hoax?

A piece of film news that has been circulating on the web for a few days is proving to be an hoax! It has been widely reported over the last few days that Sofia Coppola was about to team up with Kirsten Dunst once again, after The virgin suicides and Marie Antoinette, for a new film called Secret door. It was not just film blogs, it was relayed by such reputable sites as Total Film. Some sites even reported a synopsis, the story of a stage actress in German-occupied Paris in 1940.

Yet this should serve as a lesson to all of us on the web,  for the need to check our sources. As, unless proven wrong, this seems to have been one big elaborate hoax, perpetuated on Twitter. The story started with an announcement from the user SofieCoppola on Twitter, an account that had not been verified as being of the American director. This account has since been deleted, but not before the news were relayed by yet another seemingly fake account, Zoetrope films (the name of her father's studios). Since then, a new account, SecretDoorFilm has sprung up, most possibly a fake too, yet it is being followed by such big names as Richard Kelly, Time Out films etc...

The person behind the fake account of Sofia Coppola must be jubilant at the moment, having played up the whole film blogosphere! 

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