Saturday 17 March 2012

#MovieMinusLastLetter: Raiders Of The Lost Ar

Where are the pirates?

Ah Twitter's pun games! My favourite time wasting activity. Somebody starts it off with a hashtag, say, food film (Pan-Fried Labyrinth) or cat films (The Divine Secrets of the Meow-Meow Sisterhood) and then a whole avalanche of wit follows. The latest one, movie minus the last letter in their titles, particularly inspired me. You had to remove the last later from an existing film's title to give it a whole new meaning. And I dreamed up not only new titles but also possible storylines, or just comments. So here they are... These are ALL mine. Some are obscure, many are cringe-worthy... but I hope they will make you laugh! And feel free to add your own in the comments box.

"He's just not that into Yo": You can't force him to like rap if he doesn't

"The Woman in Re": Who cares about the red dress if the lady knows her music

"Sex, lies and videotap": Film yourself tapdancing and spice things up in the bedroom

"My Bloody Valentin": The Artist's sequel took an unexpected turn

"E La Nave V" Reptilian aliens take over Fellini's boat

"Bi": Tom Hanks grew up to be confused...

"Hug": Martin Scorsese's 3D love letter to hugging

"The Swamp Thin": The Bayou flavoured slim crisp never took off

"Pretty in Pin": Molly Ringwald goes crazy, sticks pins in classmates

"P": Darren Aronofsky's tale of a world without circles

"Elephant Ma": His mum was no oil painting either

"Supersize M": Judy Dench's really let herself down lately

"Despicable M": The head of MI6 is having a really bad day

"The Fl": David Cronenberg is making fun of stuttering. Not cool, David Cronenberg!

"Pin": Win Wenders 3D documentary about the art of credit card chip readers

"Thelma & Louis": A road movie, crying game style

"Raiders of the lost Ar": Little seen prequel where Indy battles up pirates

"Indiana Jones and the temple of Doo": Somehow Tom Six got given Indy's 5th episode to direct

"Octopuss": Bagpuss's misguided spinoff bombed because of less than cuddly lead

"The Green Ra": Eric Rohmer's little seen foray into Egyptian mythology

"The Taste of Cherr": Abbas Kiarostami and his tale of celeb munching cannibals who can't spell

"Moonrake": The James Bond inspired space gardening TV programme was surely baffling

"Wall-": Pixar's tale of a Pong racket who breaks free

"ContraBan": The Vampire week-end's new album was not welcome

"DeepStar Si": Simon's choice of DJ name left a lot to be desired

"Victor, Victori": Julie Andrews might convince as a man but she sure cannot spell

"Hallowee": The Halloween frat party took a turn for the worst

"Watchme": Ozymandias's gone even more attention-seeking in the sequel

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