Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Launch of the British Film Bloggers Circle

Jude Law as an angry blogger in Contagion (2011)

For some, Twitter is a mean of arranging London riots and insulting cheating footballers. Pity those people. For me, the brilliance of Twitter is that it has allowed me to get in contact with a whole bunch of other passionate film bloggers, whose spirited and witty mind as well as endless knowledge are a constant source of mental stimulation and amusement. Spare a thought for  us, poor bloggers, tirelessly spending unpaid hours trying to share our passion and enthusiasm for cinema with the world, all this while being looked down by less charitable, well established journalists... Unlike what that infamous lines from the (godawful) Contagion stated last year, blogging is more than just graffiti with punctuation!

So a few weeks ago, a few of us decided to take matter in our own hands and launch the British Film Bloggers Circle, which currently holds 15 members so far. This is just very much in its infancy, a website will be launched in the next few days as a platform to allow all members to debate and participate. Ideas for the future include doing a Director's week, where members will publish the review of a different films from the same directors, establishing our presence at various film festivals in London such as FrightFest or the London Film Festival and handing out spot prizes, as well as launching our very own film awards, affectionately called the Bloggies, which I will write about more in the next post.

The whole point is to give us more cohesion and credibility as a group. So here is the official press release for the British Film Bloggers Circle:

Press Release: Founding of British Film Bloggers Circle

09/02/2012, London, England

The British Film Bloggers Circle has been set up with the participation
of major UK film blogs, writers, editors and experts dedicated to
critiquing and exploring the greatest art form and entertainment ever
known. Members are passionate, knowledgeable and provide strong,
entertaining voices within the UK film blogging world.

Founded by Laurent de Alberti (FilmLand Empire) and Martyn Conterio
(Cinemart), the initial idea formed from the lack of community, respect
and standards within film blogging.

The BFBC will shortly be announcing nominations and winners of the
first annual BFBC Awards. Again, this was set up to counter what we see
as the lazy and misguided BAFTA and Oscars nominations we’ve had to
endure for years. No more!

The BFBC is a members-only organisation with applications open from
an initial period of April to December. A website is also in development.

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