Monday 12 January 2015

Behold The Glorious Cult Strand At The British Film Institute!

The British Film Institute has been spoiling us, fans of cult cinema, over the last few years. There was the Gothic season that spanned over several months at the end of 2013, which saw the memorable screening of Lucio Fulci's The Beyond in the main screen on a gorgeous 35mm print, as well as Hellraiser and countless others. There was the Science-Fiction season last year, with Alien presented in all its slimy glory on the big screen as well as the mind bending Altered States.

And since 2012, the London Film Festival has been split into strands including the Cult strand, which saw such wonderfully strange films such as Giallo's tribute The Strange Colour Of Your Body Tears, Lovecraft-esque romance Spring and many other oddities splattered over adoring audiences. As if to confirm its increasing place in cinema and if not recognition at least acknowledgement, the British Film Insitute has now launched a regular Cult strand, which will comprise of two films every month.

As such, being major cult film fans here at FilmLand Empire, we have decided to fully cover this strand, by publishing reviews of the films being shown shortly before their public screenings each month, to entice you to discover or discover what treasures the gutters of cinema behold.

Starting off in January, two loose adaptations of Lovecraft, Re-Animator by Stuart Gordon, as well as a favourite of mine, In The Mouth Of Madness by John Carpenter. And then music will take over in February, with Little Shop of Horrors by Frank Oz and Phantom of the Paradise by Brian de Palma.

I shall update this post with links to each new review so watch this space and bookmark this page!

January 15:

Re-Animator by Stuart Gordon
In The Mouth of Madness by John Carpenter

February 15:

Phantom of the Paradise by Brian de Palma
Little Shop of Horrors by Frank Oz

March 15:

Four of the Apocalypse by Lucio Fulci

April 15:

Anguish by Bigas Luna

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