Monday 25 February 2013

The Bloggies Film Awards: The Winners!

Last night, Hollywood handed out the biggest film awards of them all, the Oscars, in a glitzy ceremony watched by billions. A few days before, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, a bunch of bloggers handed out their own film awards in a glitzy, beer filled ceremony at the British Film Institute in London (well we just crashed the bar, they had no idea that we were making movie history in their premises), watched by, err, a few other drunken patrons. So, before we unleash the results, a few comments about the results below.

As I mentioned in a previous, we have absolutely zero illusions about the reach of our awards. For the second year running, this was just a fun way of sharing our tastes, mercifully free of the influence of the Harvey Weinstein marketing bulldozer, not being fazed by any preconception of what an award worthy film should be. It is our way of saying to those who made our year at the cinema that we love them.

The results are a lot more varied than last year and a testimony to the versatility of our tastes, which goes from arthouse to the biggest film of the year. And while I do not agree with all the winners, I am not embarrassed by any of them. If any UK based film blogger is interested in joining in for next year by the way, please get in touch on Twitter through Cinemart or myself.

So here are the winners. We will make sure the awards reach them, somehow. We might have had an audience of six, but at least our ceremony did not have Seth MacFarlane.

Best Director
Joss Whedon
Best Film
Zero Dark Thirty
Best Actress
Marion Cotillard – Rust and Bone 
Best Actor
Joaquin Phoenix for The Master & Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln
Best British Film
Anna Karenina
Best Screenplay
The Master – Paul Thomas Anderson
Best Adapted Screenplay
Cosmopolis – David Cronenberg
Newcomer Award
Matthias Schoenaerts – Rust & Bone/Bullhead

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