Tuesday 22 February 2011

Rob Zombie: The hookers of Salem

Rob Zombie, the colourful (actually, that's probably the worst choice of adjective for a gothic spawn of Satan!) musician/video/film director has just announced his new project, which means sadly he will not be making the Blob remake after all (and now THAT'S something I would have loved to see!). 

After the woeful Halloween remake and its sequel, he is now working on a film called The lords of Salem, which is about three witches burned to the stake, and who return in present day to wreak havoc on Salem's descendants. I would guess this is not a remake of the Bette Middler/Sarah Jessica Parker "comedy" Hocus Pocus, despite having exact the same synopsis.

Considering that he feels to need to have his wife, the amazing Sheri Moon Zombie, in every single one of his films, playing a hooker/stripper with a trouble past or variations of it (he even managed to sneak her in as a ghostly presence/Michael Meyers mum in Halloween, as a hooker/stripper with a troubled past), I wonder how he is going to fit her in a film about witches. 

I take it she is going to play a hooker/stripper of some description, with a troubled past no doubt. Maybe one of the witches, who also moonlights as a stripper/hooker? Or maybe one of the witches' mum, a stripper/hooker who will appear in flashbacks, explaining why her daughter turned to evil?

At this stage we only know one thing. It WILL be better than Hocus Pocus.

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