Saturday 16 January 2016

First Trailer for Paul Verhoeven's Elle - Translated

The announcement that Isabelle Huppert was to star in Paul Verhoeven's next film, Elle, caused ripples of excitement among cinephiles. What sounds like an unlikely pairing at first is not all that surprising, considering how brilliantly the French actress has managed her career recently. Far from being stuck in an ivory tower, she has been game enough to work with such directors as Brillante Mendoza and Hong Sang-soo. And given the subject matter, Elle is bound to cause the kind of controversy that the Dutch director is so fond of. And a trailer has unexpectedly landed this morning.

Friday 15 January 2016

Nurse 3D: Reviewed, Reassessed

Now and then I'll come across a film quite a while after its release that I fall in love with, even when flawed. And Nurse 3D, while terribly flawed, is one of those. So I have decided to share my love for this unloved filmic object. Principal photography on Nurse 3D was completed in 2011, then the film spent 2 years in limbo before being bought by horror specialist Lionsgate, which completely botched its release, culminating with an abysmal $5,000 box office. And much has been said of Paz de la Huerta's allegedly awful acting, so much so that it piqued my interest.