Friday 21 February 2014

Oscar Predictions Competition: Win A Championship Membership At The BFI

I very rarely run competitions on my blog but this one I was offered is a perfect fit for the site. You get a chance to win a Championship Membership at the British Film Institute, which I couldn't recommend enough, simply because you will avoid the usual LFF booking meltdown by being able to book a day early, among other advantages. And the runner up prizes are some tasty morsels of BFI goodness too. All you have to do is predict the Oscar winners for this year. So to get you started I thought I'd have a go myself and give you my predictions for the main categories.

Best Film & Best Director: Gravity & Alfonso Cuarón

For its sheer guts, vision and innovation, I am convinced Gravity will win. American Hustle might be crass Oscar bait from the hideous school of shouty acting by David O'Russell but will probably been seen as too slight. On the other side of the spectrum, 12 Years A Slave, despite the kind of worthy subject that the Academy is so fond of, is probably too dry to sway the voters. As for directors, I cannot see how Alfonso Cuarón couldn't win. Some have said it is Martin Scorsese's year, but as much as I enjoyed The Wolf Of Wall Street, and despite the bags of energy he is displaying despite his age, I cannot say his directing in here is as groundbreaking what the Mexican director shows in Gravity. It was a massive gamble that paid off, and it will make him a truly worthy Oscar winner.

Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey

He may have lost out at the BAFTAs, but Renaissance Man Matthew McConnaughey is truly due an Oscar, after missing out on even a nomination last year for both Killer Joe and Magic Mike. Plus his performance is exactly the kind that Oscar voters lap up, complete with physical transformation. The Texan Oscar is on fire, and this year is his year.

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett

Sandra Bullock's campaign for Gravity gained some momentum but seems to have lost some steam since. And while some thought Blue Jasmine had come out too early for Cate Blanchett's chance to last the distance, recent wins means this hasn't proven true. She may have won already (for a supporting part in The Aviator) but she is due a proper Best Actress win, with her impeccable career and her part in Blue Jasmine is the best shot she will have in a while . Her performance has quite simply been towering above everybody else this year.

And now, for the actual competition, good luck!

Oscar Predictions competition
Win a Championship Membership to the BFI
To celebrate the 86th Academy Awards that are taking place on the 2nd of March, we are asking film lovers across the UK to make their own predictions about the outcomes across 12 top categories! To enter the competition entrants simply need to submit their Oscar predictions. Three of the highest scoring entrants will win an array of prizes related to the BFI. Available prizes include BFI Memberships and tickets to shows at the BFI Southbank. These include exclusive entries to the ‘Screen Epiphanies’ partnership with credit cards provider American Express. Participants can improve their chances of winning by tweeting about the competition and sharing it on Facebook.

What’s on Offer

Competition Contact Details
The competition will close on March 1st the day before the Oscar ceremony and the winners will be notified on March 4th. Any questions and requests for general information can be sent to:

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