Tuesday 12 March 2013

Oz/Cineworld: The Response

Yesterday a published a post about a disappointing experience at the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue on a recent visit (click here), detailing how the combination of technical issues and customer care issues ruined a screening of Oz, The Great And Powerful, and proved yet another example of how multiplexes are losing sight of the customer experience. I wrote to Cineworld's customer service, and to their credit, they responded promptly. So I thought it was only fair that, after detailing my experience on this blog, I also published their response.

I find their response satisfying. While the inherent problems with multiplexes will not be resolved overnight, assuming they ever do, this is a good example of how a company can respond to a reasonable complaint. They addressed the issues raised and were very apologetic. I had made it clear that I did not seek any compensation but they decided to offer me some complimentary tickets all the same, so I might give those to an orphanage. Or keep them for myself, we shall see.

If there is a lesson to be learned, it is worth putting in writing any complaint you might have with cinemas. No point being petty or dramatic, but if more of us follow suit, and your complaint remains focused (and justified!), then who knows... they might listen to us! Here is the response in full:

"Thank you for contacting Cineworld.

I am extremely sorry to hear about your recent experience at Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue in which a technical problem occurred during the performance of 'Oz: The Great and Powerful'.

Cineworld always aim to avoid any technical issues as best as possible by ensuring that adequate checks are taken out before and after each performance; therefore, I am sorry that on this occasion, technical issues were encountered during the performance.

Once Cineworld Staff are aware of any problems within the auditorium, they will always aim to resolve this as quickly as possible so that all Cineworld Customers can have an enjoyable experience. I am very sorry to hear that you were not given this standard of service from our Team at Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue, as all staff are given adequate training in which they are taught how to handle these types of situations.

Cineworld strive to achieve excellent Customer Service standards at all time and I am very sorry to hear that you were made to feel this way by members of our staff; therefore, I will certainly be in contact with the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue Management Team to advise that further training procedures are put in place which will hopefully avoid this type of interaction from occurring in the future.

Moreover, at Cineworld we value all of our customers greatly and thank you for your loyalty to the company; we aim to keep you as pleased as possible with the service you are given and would hope that you will continue to visit our cinemas. Therefore, by way of apology, I would like to offer you two complimentary ticket vouchers which can be used at any Cineworld Cinema and are valid for any 2D or 3D performance. If you would like to accept this offer, please respond to this email with your full postal address. 

I hope I have been able to address your concerns adequately. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards"

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